Internet Marketing and Today’s Hospitality Business

The hotel industry has come a long way to establish itself as one of the fastest growing service sectors in the world. Today, the hotel marketplace is a matured sector. The consumers’ shift from offline to online has its drastic impact on the entire marketing process for the hospitality industry. It is becoming easy for the marketers to reach their potential consumers to offer their services, and all thanks to the development in the internet technologies. While this shift is showing its phenomenal growth there needs to implement more effective strategies to sustain in the competitive market.

Most hotels do not recognize that a concrete online presence is vital for the sustained growth of business. Reports say that around 74% of consumers search accommodations online and 62% of them book hotel through internet. Thus, simply having a website cannot guarantee that your hotel is having a strong web presence. There are some other factors that must be considered while promoting a hotel brand. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

Compatible to Mobile: The proliferation of smartphones has its impact on almost every industry and the hospitality business is certainly not an exception to it. As time is a limited resource, people prefer surfing the internet on the go using their mobile devices. Travelers, especially the business professionals research, compare and book their accommodation using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs etc. Thus it is vital for every hotel to have a mobile friendly website so that the consumers can easily access hotel information, book their accommodation or make changes in their itinerary whenever needed.

Hotel Booking Engine: The looker to booker ratio much depends on an effective online reservation system. The more efficient the software is, the more the number of returning consumers. A good hotel reservation system should be simple and should show all the options that a guest generally looks for while booking the accommodation. Moreover, if possible attach the photographs of the available room, as it influences the guest to make their bookings.

Map Integration: No accommodation unit targets local customers. It is almost certain that the consumers would travel for long and would be a person who is unknown about the place. Integrating maps with the hotel website not only gives the convenience to the guests to easily locate your property, but helps you serve your customer in a more customized manner.

PPC Marketing: To run a business today, one has to take smart moves to capture the market. PPC marketing comes with its bundle of benefits; it targets the potential consumers only, offers a greater reach and gives quicker results as compared to the traditional advertising medium. It is a measurable and cost-efficient way to brand your service and get an edge over your competitors.

Social Presence: Presenting your brand through social media sites is the new buzz in internet marketing. In some international consumer surveys it is found that people prefer buying products or service recommended by their friends on social media sites. Thus, social media marketing is a great way to drive sales, attract new customers and generate referral business.

Internet marketing is getting matured with people becoming more dependent on mobile devices to search and book travel deals. Tools and techniques like hotel booking engine, PPC marketing, social media promotion, map integration etc. help hotels curb market competition and create a distinct identity for their brand. In the coming time, marketers need to focus more on implementing effective online marketing campaigns to reach their target groups and serve them with a better customer experience.

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