Promote Your Hotel Brand through Online Marketing

Gone are the days of physical marketing. Along with other industries, the internet marketing trends have significant impact on the hospitality sector where hotel groups promote their service in the global market through online media. For its global reach and cost-saving benefits, more and more hospitality units today are getting attracted to this advertising mode. The new merchandizing trend expanded the sphere of companies where they can reach the doorstep of potential consumers and serve them in the best possible manner.
There are host of ways to promote services over the internet. However, for the convenience of the readers, we have prepared a list of most impactful online marketing tools and methods:
Photo Sharing: Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram were booming in 2012 as the most popular means to promote brands online via photo sharing. Visuals attract more easily and in this regard platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are fully successful to generate traffic and increase the brand awareness. These two platforms are expected to attract more and more traffic in the current year too and would continue to be among the most popular medium for online marketing.
Internet Booking Engine: Technology has made our life easier than ever before and internet booking engine is certainly one of the best example of modern technological innovations. The booking engine is custom-made software that not only makes the booking process easy, but helps promote the service in the market. Such online reservation software can be customized to show company details, promotional offers, seasonal deals and special events.
Content Marketing: When it comes to digital marketing, content comes to the forefront. Blogs, comments, reviews, articles and press releases are the vital tools to generate more traffic and ensure better brand visibility. While doing the promotion through content, marketers must keep it in mind that the content should be brand specific, original and give genuine information to the visitors. This promotional method helps companies connect, communicate and keep up better relation with the existing and potential consumer groups.
Video Promotion: Research shows that approximately 70% travelers refer to videos while choosing their travel destination and about 66% of hotel guests rely on videos to get complete accommodation detail. People share millions of videos over social networking sites every day; so if you are into hotel business, you can surely rely on videos to reach your target market at a shorter time period and with minimal cost.
Mobile Applications: Social media and mobile has become inseparable because of the gradually increasing number of Smartphone users in the market. Thus, hotel marketers now need to concentrate more on mobile applications to increase their brand awareness in the market. Mobile applications give an easy access of the hotel information and reservation details to the customers and let them book the accommodation using their mobile only.
Online Reviews: Referral marketing is one of the most effective promotional strategies that most hospitality groups employ today. Reviews from the existing customers help generate more business and influences the decision-making process to a great extent.
With the advent of digital media, especially the internet, it has become easy for hotels to reach their potential customers globally, spending less time and money. Where technologies like online reservation systems and mobile applications have helped consumers get their reservations done within minutes, social media platforms and blogging sites help hotels create effective corporate image and maintain long-term customer relations.

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