New tourist sites. (Discovering your own country)

The emergence of new tourism portals based on image as Spain Visual again to rediscover destinations that seemed ripe. HD Video opens a window where you can contemplate the attractions of becoming a tourism brand image in the ideal vehicle to promote giving rise to a new concept of tourist portal where raw digital image against the text.


In tourism marketing, this concept is a real revolution for the first time in your hands the possibility to present all the values ​​of a destination in a way that generates the need to visit it as a feature of the video is be the most able to influence purchasing decisions further technological advances have made accessible to all budgets the use of this powerful tool.


The gradual but steady disappearance of the barrier posed by the slowness of communications and the popularization of broadband increasingly fast, efficient and universal, allows use in network video formats of the highest quality offering possibilities content presentation with a wealth of image recently unimaginable.


The HD video is currently the most powerful marketing for any industry in the Internet becoming the leader in channel potential arrival in a market at a low cost as impact of the message.


The HD video is here to stay and is unrivaled in its ability to publicize the attractions of a destination from a spectacular. It also allows to present qualities and attractions of a destination that had hitherto been neglected or considered irrelevant, so that influences the ability to improve and renew the offer of a tourism brand.


The increase in quantity and quality of content in the new portal is not free but greatly enhances strategies to influence those who are considering holidays in Spain providing access "on line" to complete, varied and attractive information of the country's tourism while promoting the specific to each particular destination.


These portals also used as reinforcement of new communication channels such as blogs, social networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc ... to attract the attention of the navigator and get the involvement of the same, what has been called Web 2.0.


With the integration of search engines art that give access to the best offers both accommodation and flights or services, major wholesalers in the industry, full circle, bringing the offer to the customer's address itself to facilitate the purchase of target.


As image-based portals, obtaining these images can rediscover new values ​​of each destination, offering the ability to renew their tourism, both in terms of new scenarios as activities, traditions, cuisine, culture etc ... substantially enriching offer possibilities of each destination.



These new portals are characterized by the image as preferred language of communication and a flexible interface capable of continuously adapting to new trends and technologies and are the answer to the promotion of destinations on the Web and the increasing purchasing power and travel packages rentals over the Internet from their own homes.

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