Largest and busiest airport in the state of New York, John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport serves over 41 million passengers every year. Serving as one of the important gateways to the state, the airport remains packed by tourists and visitors throughout the year. It is located on Jamaica Bay in the southeastern section of Queens County, New York City and covers an area of 4,930 acres of land. Just a 15 miles drive from midtown Manhattan will take you to this airbus terminal.

JFK operates more than 70 domestic and international flights that serve to destinations including Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. It is the primary hub of United Airlines and also serves as a secondary base for Alaska Airlines and America West. The other well-known airlines operated from this airport include Air Europe, Air Canada, Air India, British Airways, Caribbean, Delta, Emirates, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic etc. Along with executive class airbuses, the airport also operates regular low-cost flights to and from New York.

John F Kennedy International Airport has seven operating terminals and sections so that air passengers can enjoy a smooth and hassle free transit to the airport; a dual ring of peripheral taxiways surrounds all the three terminals of the airport. For passengers' convenience, the car parking is categorized into – short-term parking garages, long-term parking garages, economy parking lots and restricted mobility parking lots.

For easy passenger movement, the AirTrain provides fast and free connections between the terminals, central car facilities, hotel shuttle areas and parking lots. Moreover, the AirTrain also connects the airport to Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and New York City subway. Other than AirTrain, there are a host of authorized shuttle services that offer smooth and secure transfers to and from the airport. Moreover, at the arrival level of each terminal, there are rental car counters from where travelers can rent a car at a reasonable price.

To burn the transit hours, the travelers have whole lot of options at JFK airport. From top-class transit hotels, to multi-cuisine restaurants and branded outlets, you will find everything within the airport arena. However, if you have long transit hours, you can enjoy a short sleep at the nap room or can take a refreshing sauna or spa treatment at any of the spa centers housed at JFK airport. Being one of the busiest airports in the US, JFK experiences a heavy flow of passenger traffic every day. The airport authorities have put every single effort to make the passengers enjoy a smooth transit at John F Kennedy airport. The airport experiences the major concentration of most flights from New York and also operates regular low-cost flights that connect various American cities to the New York City.

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