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JFK Airport: A comprehensive manual

Largest and busiest airport in the state of New York, John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport serves over 41 million passengers every year. Serving as one of the important gateways to the state, the airport remains packed by tourists and visitors throughout the year. It is located on Jamaica Bay in the southeastern section of Queens County, New York City and covers an area of 4,930 acres of land. Just a 15 miles drive from midtown Manhattan will take you to this airbus…


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Washington: A city with in-your-face contrasts

Brimming with a unique history of its own, the Washington city in the United States has developed as a complex and layered city over the last few centuries. Being the capital of one of the most or the most powerful countries in the world, today’s Washington serves as a center point for bureaucrats, business tycoons, travelers, students and several other professionals and institutions. Throughout the year you can notice the crowd of tourists on the city streets. The innumerable attractions…


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Getting Cheap Air Tickets to Amsterdam: A few important points to consider

From a 13th century fishing village to a 21st century metropolis, Amsterdam has come a long way to become a major hub for culture, commerce and tourism. The city hosts more than 3.66 million international visitors annually that include both vacationers and business travelers. With the city growing as a commercial and tourism center, the demand for low-cost flights to and from Amsterdam is also increasing rapidly. To meet the increasing demand, Schiphol Airport operates regular low-cost and…


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Experience Chicago’s Awe-Inspiring Lifestyle in Your Next Holiday Trip

From a small transportation hub situated between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed to one of the nation’s largest cities, Chicago city has come a long way to establish it as one of the most visited tourist places in the world. The city hosts around 86 million visitors every year that includes millions of foreign visitants as well. With the increasing number of travelers to the city, the demand for hotels and Chicago airline tickets are also growing. It is a good idea…


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Get Last Minute Flight Deals in a Few Simple Steps

Unplanned tours are not very unusual these days when people get little time to enjoy some unforgettable moments out of their busy schedule. Though unplanned travelling is as pleasurable as planned ones, people often fear last-minute flight deals because most of the times these put a heavy burden on their pockets. However, the good news is that you can get a low price ticket even if you are booking it at the…


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