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Fases de desescalada del turismo en España


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Tu Oficina compartida en Madrid Cooworking en Turismo y espacio de trabajo multifuncional

Tu oficina en Madrid (cooworking) desde 150€:

Easy Travel Connection
pone ahora a tu disposición un espacio de trabajo en el centro de Madrid.

Se trata de un espacio Coworking, una…


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Como sera el turismo despues del coronavirus

ver articulo completo…


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mi crucero mas barato

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Travel Technology and Today’s Market Scenario

Over the last two decades the travel distribution landscape has witnessed major changes where the proliferation of internet based technologies has played a major role. The travel industry operations has changed forever due to the revolution that internet has brought. This consequential growth followed by economic slowdown has created new dynamics in the industry operations. In the recent past the introduction of smart phones and social media marketing strategies has further created both…


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Internet Marketing and Today’s Hospitality Business

The hotel industry has come a long way to establish itself as one of the fastest growing service sectors in the world. Today, the hotel marketplace is a matured sector. The consumers’ shift from offline to online has its drastic impact on the entire marketing process for the hospitality industry. It is becoming easy for the marketers to reach their potential consumers to offer their services, and all thanks to the development in the internet technologies. While this shift is showing its…


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Private guided tours from port of Palma de Mallorca



Looking for some help with your next tour?

We are offering complete tour planning for individuals and groups of all sizes. We can help you plan your next day tour from start to finish to make your group or family fun and memorable. Local guide,tour guide, in Palma de Mallorca. Combines a Local guide and Tourist guide to Mallorca - Majorca . Miguel…


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Airline Booking Engines: Serving Dynamic Travel Industry Needs

For many years, a new trend has been dominating the travel business globally and it is certainly the internet buzz. With the increasing use of mobile devices and easy availability of internet services, the demand for online reservation systems is also surmounting. From flights and accommodation units to travel insurance and car hire, everything you can book and get online with the help of these internet-run application.

According to Google, the US hotel industry would experience…


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Leading Travel Technology Trends of 2013-14

Travel technology has been a leading driver behind globalization as it empowers the global travel, tourism and hospitality business to efficiently reach their customers and share an experience

extraordinaire. However, over the years a gradual shift has been noticed in the travel choices of the consumers and how technology influences their choices while travelling. Thus, to keep up with the evolution, technology providers…


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What Features to Look for before Choosing an Airline Reservation System?

The dominant issues faced by airlines are the intense pressure to cut costs and fight back against slowing growth. Thus, there needs a great change in the operations and management so as to target specific consumer groups and generate maximum profit. The integration and consolidation of internet technologies, however, can help airline operators and consolidators to deal with the situation. Over the years it’s been noticed that airline reservation systems serve a great deal to make airline…


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Torneo de Padel para el Sector Turístico


20 de 22 de Septiembre 2013


Les esperamos en las instalaciones de Kinesports, situadas lado a lado a la sede corporativa de Special Tours en la Ciudad de la Imagen-Madrid, para disfrutar del…


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Some Must Have Features of a Hotel Booking Engine

The growing craze for exploring the world has led to a boom in the hospitality business worldwide. The big the hospitality group is, the more complex is to maintain its operation. However, internet booking engine makes the task easy for the hotels to a great extent. Around 80% fussy travelers research over internet to find out the hotel of their choice and approximately 60% of the travelers make their reservations online.…


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Hotel Booking Engine: A way to get more business

The increasing popularity of internet has made people more and more dependent on the technology. From corporate to students and working professionals, everyone depends on this communication technology for accomplishing their everyday tasks. Like various other industries, the internet has left no stones unturned to touch the hospitality business worldwide. In a recent research it’s been found that around 80% of travelers book their travel online. Thus, it has now become imperative for the…


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Internet Booking Engine: A Smart Move for Efficient Business Gains

It is vital for most business today to have a strong web presence in order to reach potential customer segments spending less time and money. While a strong web presence depends on multiple factors, one of the most important among them is the online reservation system. For hospitality groups, airline operators, car rental companies, tour operators and other travel service providers, this online software is a vital tool to turn the usual lookers to bookers. With the rapid market expansion,…


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Multiple Benefits of a Travel Booking Engine

With the development of modern technology, many things have changed radically. We cannot deny that it is the technology that has made our everyday working easier than ever before.Now people can do multiple tasks using their computers while sitting at the comfort of their office or home, or I would say anywhere they want. From booking a flight ticket to searching for suitable itineraries and from connecting to the friends to ordering a pizza, everything can be done with the click of a mouse…


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Promote Your Hotel Brand through Online Marketing

Gone are the days of physical marketing. Along with other industries, the internet marketing trends have significant impact on the hospitality sector where hotel groups promote their service in the global market through online media. For its global reach and cost-saving benefits, more and more hospitality units today are getting attracted to this advertising mode. The new merchandizing trend expanded the sphere of companies where they can reach the doorstep of potential consumers and serve…


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Jaime Rull, un empresario de éxito en Ecuador

By Enric Ribera Gabandé

El trabajo que lleva  a cabo el catalán Jaime Rull en Ecuador hay que considerarlo como brillante. Muchos son los años de asentamiento del prestigioso empresario en este país de América. Más de tres décadas dedicadas a la organización de ferias; primero en Quito, y más tarde en Guayaquil, donde a través de la empresa que preside, HoritzoGrup, ha cosechado una envidiable credibilidad ferial, de la cuál disfruta de sus éxitos organizativos,…


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Deseo relacionarme con profesionales del turismo!

Por favor, contactenme por skype

user: jerrycalderon

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